Oh My Heart

Tuesday,August 21st 2018

Today is the day my giant tiny littlest baby flies away for the first time.She already had the gall to turn SEVEN this summer.Now she’s flying off -with her 13 year old cousin at least- for a week in Florida with Grandma.

Of course I know everything will be fine.So what’s with this lump in my throat?This sting in my eyes?The heavy hollow weight in my chest?

Because I know for a fact none of us makes it out of this life alive?Because I know life is precious and tenuous and temporary and can come crashing down at any second?Will experiencing all the big little pings of existential angst along the way soften the final blow when we eventually do face our ultimate answer?I sure as hell hope so.At least I hope to leave no regrets for ever taking a single moment of all the true true true love for granted.


Mom Made Carry On

Goodies for Flying Girls

My Heart and Her Heart

Just Remember Girl:

No matter where you go…

Or what you do…

Or where I am…


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1 Response to Oh My Heart

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Parenthood! When you flew back and forth, you didn’t get to wear a tutu!

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