Gorls on a Plane

Still Tuesday, August 21st 2018

My Dear Hubsand not only did a great job getting past airport security to accompany the Gorls all the way to the gate, he took pictures for me!

Omg look at my girl taking it like a champ.

Then it hits me.

That’s me!  The Unaccompanied Minor.

delete Trans_World_Airlines_Globe_Map_Logo_1

This is how I spent my childhood;  perpetually flying back and forth onTrans World Airlines between Oakland-Dad and Boston-Mom.  Except I started at five, initially with big brother in tow.

So my daughter’s trip isn’t about me.  But I do give myself a pass for having a Case of the Feels about it.

Besides, I do have a secret weapon.  I still have this monkey at home after all.  I got the numbers.

Lucky me.

We’ll be okay!

And also there’s still beer.


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1 Response to Gorls on a Plane

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    In those days, as I recall, the flight attendants were kind of nice to you. I hope that’s still the case. Gorls on a plane, boyz in the house. You’ll get through it.
    The “ouch!” memory I have is learning the hard way not to budge from the airport departure lounge until the plane was in the air. I did that once, when you were a teenager, and, of course…SNAFU ensued. As in, the one BB game I ditched because it was raining, Miles hit a home run. Arggh. Parenthood!

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