At Rise: Ten Wushes by ClaraJane

Friday, August 10th  2018

AT RISE: The Oberhauser Four are on the way to the annual Sisters Weekend pilgrimage by the sea in Hull, Massachusetts.

ClaraJane:  If I could have ten wushes, wanna know what I’d wush!?

Mom:  [Idly] What honey?

•  Number one; Equality.

 •  You-know-who to be vanished from this earth in a puff of smoke and put on Mars or something.

delete outer space trump


•  And then my third thing would be, so, all the children who have been pried from their moms -moms or dads-  just, all families to be reunited.

del family reunification

Mom:  [Takes out laptop in order to transcribe verbatim.]

•  Fifth thing, would be for all the homeless people to have a home.

•  And all the bad people, like you-know-who supporters, to be with you know who on that planet.

•  And my seventh thing would be, um, for all of us -everyone in this car- to be like spiderman, except with a million dollar bills, and it never ran out.  And when you see a homeless person?  It’d be like “PAM!” and they’d be like “THANK YOU!!”



•  That was my 8th thing. 

•  And my NINTH thing would be to be at Hull already!

•  And last thing; Bernie Sanders to be president.   ‘Cuz then, Bernie Sanders would be, like… “EQUALITY!!” 

del Bernie for Equality




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1 Response to At Rise: Ten Wushes by ClaraJane

  1. MIMI BREED says:

    You’re raisin em write, awlright.


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