At Rise: How Low Can You Go

Still Friday, August 10th 2018


At Rise: The Oberhauser Four have made it to the beach for their much anticipated weekend in Hull.

Gavin: Hey Mom! [Stops digging.] Wanna know what I’m digging?

Mom: What Baby?

Gavin: A Tartarus. Do you know what a Tartarus is?

Mom: No Babe what is it?

Gavin: In Greek Mythology it’s the imprisonment pit of the Titans, and just a giant pit that nobody can get out of, below Hades.

Mom: Woah. Deeper than Hades??

Gavin: Yes.

Mom: OK honey.

Gavin: [Resumes digging.]


* * * * * * * * * * *

Not that I needed to verify but it does check out:

As does the accompanying image on the Wikipedia page:

Persephone supervising Sysiphus in the Underworld

Afterall what does any Greek God need?

A Goddess to supervise of course. (o;

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1 Response to At Rise: How Low Can You Go

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Indeed!! A goddess to supervise. As for punishing the wicked after death — if only.

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