At Rise: Not For Your Health

Wednesday, July 25th 2018

[Image: One or two cartoon bellies protruding from behind a pole.]

At Rise: Mom and Dad Oberhauser are riding the escalator down towards the Minneapolis Airport Baggage Claim Area while Gavin, ClaraJane and Zachary ride down an adjacent escalator. Mom and Dad are in the lead.

Mom: Quick! This is our chance to ditch the kids!

[Mom runs down the last few steps followed by Dad as they dart through the doorway around a corner and “hide” behind a big pole. The kids are in hot pursuit. ClaraJane comes upon them first.]


End Scene One.

Scene Two.

At Rise: Mom is on the couch at Grandpa Pops’ Place, finishing up proofreading the above scene out loud to the kids.

CJ: Delete! Delete Mamma!

Mom: Why?

CJ: Just delete it Mamma!

Mom: Why honey? It’s funny!

CJ: Delete the part where I call you guys fat!

Gavin: CJ, it’s funny. It’s also a wise and true statement.

Mom: Wait. What’d you say?

Gavin: I said it’s also a wise and true statement!

Mom: Not for your health it isn’t.

End Scene Two.

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