At Rise: Accurate Face

Friday, July 20th 2018…

This is how it went down…


AT RISE:  The Oberhauser four have just returned to the hotel room for a little break from all the people, activity and sunshine incurred from a juggling convention in and around downtown Springfield, Mass.   BOY emerges from the bathroom after a much needed visit.

GAVIN:  That toilet is so funny.  When you flush it the water spins so your poop twirls around before it finally goes down.

MOM:  So, it’s like this [spinning in the desk chair, excitedly waving];  BYYYYYYYYEE!

GAVIN:  [blank sarcastic stare of disapproval.]

MOM:  What.  I’m impersonating your poop.  How’d I do?

GAVIN:  Bad.

MOM:  Well, ok, that’s good I guess.

GAVIN:  The only accurate part was your face.

MOM:  Wow.  You’re lucky you’re funny.  That was actually funny.

GAVIN:  That’s right.  I just dissed your face.  Really bad.  [Flops down on bed with book.]

MOM:  Yes you did.  Congratulations son.

GAVIN:  Can you even diss a face?

MOM:  Apparently.



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