That Time Your Child Spontaneously Gives a Speech at a Political Forum

Wednesday, March 21st 2018

So I take my kids to the library to screen this documentary about the Women’s March:


2018-03-22 march

…what it means to stand up for your values in today’s America.


I didn’t even ask if they WANTED to.  Especially in light of the fact that Gavin recently expressed regret to me for missing out on some of the political events I’ve invited him to, like the rally with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  Besides it was because of HIM that we went all the way to D.C. for the March in the first place; this documenetary is about US.

The film is great, showcasing the historical outpouring of people rallying in support of women’s rights and human rights and social justice around the GLOBE, including our very own Boston, Oakland and D.C. (and EVERY continent around the world).

The discussion afterwards is a little dry so when the kids get restless I hand them paper and writing implements.  ClaraJane colors rainbows, birds and love notes while my son starts writing what I take to be a journal entry or something, but lo!  It’s a “SPEECH.”  And when it’s time for public comment he raises his hand, waits with painstaking patience and even cues up behind a blowhard mansplainer until the moderator can no longer overlook the child waiting to speak.  Here he go:

2018-03-21 GAVIN’S POLITICAL STATEMENT AT 9 Y/O [1:31]: 


I always tell him that when a child SPEAKS it is more powerful than all the adults in the room.  I did now know he was going to test the theory this night!

In related news, I also discover the ONE THING apparently powerful enough to keep me from speaking MY piece, and that is the maternal duty of staying the hell OUT th’ way of your determined child.   I’m proud to say that besides the pencil and paper to absorb his fidgeting, and helping him wait his turn, I did nothing to influence what he said or did.


2018-03-21 19.33.54

“Everyone Matters.”  What a concept.


pussy cat pussy hat emoji


#HowBoutThat  #EveryoneMatters  #ThisIsWhatAFeministLooksLike  #ThisIsWhatDemocracyLooksLike #PussyPower   #TheChildrenAreTheFuture  #FuckTrump  #FuckTrumpsAgenda  #RacistsNazisAndFascistsCanGoPleaseFuckOffAndDieNOW  #SaveTheEarth  #AltRightChristianHypocrisy   #ComplicityInFlorida   #YourSilenceIsDEAFENING

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6 Responses to That Time Your Child Spontaneously Gives a Speech at a Political Forum

  1. Louis B. Oberhauser says:

    Woo woo what a great job love grandpa

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    Gavin: You are just amazing! “This is probably the most encouraging moment of the evening.” Yes, indeed! I hope to view the ring next time I see you. Love and hugs, Bubble Wow

  3. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    Wow! Go Gavin Oberhauser!

    Jane Ann Nelson Senior Talent Recruitment Manager Imprimis


  4. Thank you Auntie! (o:

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