Hospital Clowning: Laughter Doo-Dee

Wednesday, February 21st 2018

1)  New Lyrics

In pre-op with Dr. Bucket Buster today I improvise some novel and tasty lyrics.  Check it out; The Doo-Dee Song [0:25]:

[Side Note:  When I played this for my daughter, she said, “That’s IT!?”  lol!]


2) tenor Watching You

I marvel as Dr. Bucket Buster plays out an entire fabulous fake war with a young patient behind the nurse’s console.  Crumpled paper towels, kleenex, rubber bands, paper clips and lots of threatening glares may have been involved.


3)  A Fashion Show to Remember

beads Gowning up all the way to mask and gloves for a visit with a young lady in Oncology, I jokingly ask Dr. Bucket Bucket Buster, “How do I look?”  Thus begins the hospital FASHION SHOW of the century.  We take turns as one of us performs an elaborate “runway” look while the other one provides the “music” (bad singing).  At one point I am trailing a long paper towel veil and repeatedly bumping into the bathroom door.  When finally Dr. Bucket Buster directs me out of harms way I go left and… bump into the patient’s cup of BEADS which she had been using for a craft.  Now we are on the floor collecting all the beads into “bead soup;” a slurry with hand sanitizer.  We then lay them out on more paper towels to dry, sing a “Bead Drying Song” and all is restored.  So that’s how you do THAT.


4)  BRT

Learned another term, BRT; Behavioral Response Team.  Before visiting a young boygold medal (my son’s age) we are given a pretty extensive run down on how many obstacles there have been to his getting any clown visits for the past few weeks.  But today things look good and the Child Life Specialist starts telling us how he loves BOY humor, I solemnly let out a slow BURP.  Without missing a beat she agrees, “Yes absolutely he would love that,” and in we go.   He puts us through the paces, impresses us with his amazing finger dance moves and happily rejects most of our dance moves.  In context I draw him a “GOLD MEDAL” on a piece of paper, and just as I’m questioning whether we should give anything to this patient, he goes to LICK the ink.  We get it away just in time, and he starts, um, picking his nose.  When he starts to show us what he found in there I book it out of there post haste.  Easiest exit from a patient’s room I’ve had yet.  I’m pretty sure he enjoyed the visit.


5) Second That Emotion

brain heartWe finish the day rocking out on some Smokey Robinson to one of our frequent fliers in dialysis who loves music and some enthusiastic nurses.  It’s a great way to finish the day but what I want to know is what other great song choice shall I bring this friend next time??

Another amazing day in this blessed work.

#Hospital Clowning                                                ♥

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  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Rock on, Dr BeeBopper!

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