Frozen Sing-A-Long with the Ladies

Tuesday, February 20th 2018




2018-02-20 12.46.21 CJ & ElsaMom

Elsa & Elsa


But first, Breakfast:

2018-02-20 09.52.08 Breakfast2018-02-20 10.01.29 Mary+Manda







Pre-Show Entertainment by Bonaparte:


Post-Show Rendezvous with Miles & Spy Pond (in February):


And lo!  There’s something in my sister’s oven:

2018-02-20 15.34.08 Baby Boy Belly


To be continued…


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performing artist, mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece... just a regular extraordinary person
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3 Responses to Frozen Sing-A-Long with the Ladies

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    What a magical day it was! Love all the pictures. Of course no experience would be complete without a picnic of some sort! The silhouette of gestating Amanda is great!

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    Thanks for bringing a “costume” for me. And yours was Fahbulous, Dahling.

  3. Glad you liked it Mom, it was mahvelous! Amanda gets the credit for my costume, and I’m glad you enjoyed yours. Now I’m curious about our next date! Stay tuned…

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