Parenting: Video Game Rant

Sunday, February 11th 2018

fuckity Curse-Word-Coffee-Mugs.jpg

Somehow my son’s extensive and impressive foray into Minecraft has morphed into a “Roblox” habit.  Keep in mind yes we regulate the amount of time he gets on the computer, say nothing for the unmitigated access he probably gets from his friends (close by condo neighbors).   And no I don’t know WTF “Roblox” is, except for this article I just read, ugh.


Today I heard an alarm going off and went to look out the window to see what neighbor’s house was sounding.  Come to find out the alarm was in the GAME he was playing, because his character had just robbed a jewelry store!

WHY? I ask him, more existentially than literally.  “WHAT ARE YOU PREPARING FOR?” I ask him.  “NOTHING!” he says.  “EXACTLY” I say.

With no research on the topic yet –I happen to loathe the topic because in my world there are nowhere near enough hours in any day for all the myriad incredible things there are to do I.R.L.—  I insist that there are video games that help cultivate all kinds of positive skills and behaviors.  This claim is met by blank stares and skepticism in my household.  But there is even a game where the object is to help find WATER in areas of the planet where water is scarce.

And guess what; in the future that is going to be EVERYWHERE.  So I told my son that locating and producing potable water is going to be a necessary skill in his future, as cities run out of water.  First up; Cape Town Day Zero in two months.

cape town water queue

Queuing for water in Cape Town, thankfully without violence yet.


I told him I saw FIRST HAND a game my friends played in England -15 years ago!- where the object was to run around town trying to find an old wise person who could translate some sacred ancient text.  Granted not the most exciting video game, but no killing or stealing.

I told Gavin it’s not his fault most games are made of killing and stealing because that is what MEN have been doing since MEN have existed.  I pointed out as he knows that’s not going to change anytime soon since we have political leaders hellbent on continuing the same (take Bears Ears, for ONE example).  I also told him he comes by his penchant honestly considering he is probably related to people who are addicted to video games centered around killing and stealing.

I told him that no problem was ever solved by the same thinking that created it.  And that I don’t care if  99.99% of video games are made of stealing and killing.  That I, his mother, insist that he find a game that simulates creating something positive for a virtual world.  I told him if he does this I will consider allowing him to continue also playing whateverthefuck “Roblox.”

He said okay.

In any case, that is my rant for now.  Obviously more research and time into something I don’t like or want is called for.  All the video game addiction I see all around me is such utter and complete f*ing bullsh*t in my view it is a nonstarter for me.

I think I want to make a sign for the desk in front of the computer that says:


God forbid we cultivate a mindset and awareness for helping to SOLVE the world’s problems rather than to perpetuate them.

Flippin’ frickin’ fracking fudge.


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2 Responses to Parenting: Video Game Rant

  1. Bubble Wow says:
    I would say put the kibosh on Roblox. Full stop. There are two young girls going to jail (in this week’s news) for commiting murder to please “Slender Man,” who is apparently a Roblox creation. No. No. No. to Roblox

    • Yes that sounds horrible; also anecdotal. I agree something needs to be done, but I’ve never thought absolute forbiddance was a probable solution to anything. At least that’s not what I learned from you. But thank you for helping get the discussion going. This is just a beginning so far for me.

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