Hospital Clowning: Talk Like Dees

Tuesday,  January 30th 2018


Yesterday two of our clowns visited a very special long term “frequent flier” friend and fan of our team.   I will call her “Boss Lady” on account of her renowned personality.  She is in her early 20’s and returned to the hospital recently and has not been doing well.  When the clowns got there she had been unresponsive for a couple days, and the mother was distraught feeling her daughter was slipping away.   Along comes the genius Dr. Mal Adjusted and Dr. Bucket Buster who is naturally UNABLE to stick out her own tongue.  I wasn’t there but this turned into a game and then guess what, Ms. Boss sticks out her tongue!  Mom flips out, the nurses are astonished.  They summon the doctor who instructs her to stick out her tongue and… nothing.  (Silly doctor, you cannot boss the Boss Lady.)  More antics from the clowns and more sticking out of the tongue, for them.  As she grows tired and the clowns beat their retreat, she sticks it out one more time, of course.  Mom was beside herself to learn her daughter IS still there.

Well today Dr. Gonzo and I are up.  She is not on our schedule but we make a special trip.  I’d like to tell you that we get a clear and tangible response out of her but this is not a fairy tale.  I can say the nurses and the mom are extremely glad to see us, we do make the mom laugh several times, and after our jokes fall flat I play a fair amount of music for Ms. Boss.   From my experience with her in the past I know she likes it, and I certainly get a lot of very prolonged eye contact with her which I absolutely connect with as much as possible.  At one point it’s dumb but I end up singing about how beautiful her eyes are because they ARE (and as clowns, being present to what is happening in the moment is pretty much job #1).  She certainly seems totally present and in charge to me; my opinion of course being nothing if not humble.

Other than that, remembrances of today are a blur of hospital rooms, absurd antics with Dr. Gonzo and the smile, giggle, gufaw or outright squeal of various kids.  I don’t know what we ate at lunch but it gave us ridiculous fake Eastern-European accents, which stayed with us for the rest of the day.  Because today was the day to Talk Like Dees.


Watch what you eat, clowns.

#BostonChildrensHospital  #LaughterLeague

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  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Just another day at the office.

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