All Dressed Up and No Show To Go

Sunday, January 28th 2018

My show this morning didn’t happen afterall.  There was a scheduling mixup.  Here is me all dressed up and at the theatre with no show happening.

Unless you count the sweet older gentleman who pulled off the road to drive up to me in the parking lot when I was loading back out of the theatre.  He said, “I just wanted you to know I saw you all dressed up and I thought it looked great, and I wanted you to know that you made my morning.”   Then he asked me what I do etc and I let him know he made MY morning.

On my way back home I tried to take a photo of myself all gussied up and getting GAS, to show how ridiculous I look out of context sometimes, but apparently I don’t know how to work the selfie-timer on my phone.


I refuse to get upset about what turns out to be have been a scheduling snafu.  I’d rather show up with no audience than BE a no-show letting an audience down.   I’m still glad I have someone else (an amazing person actually) doing all my booking because it not only frees me up to not DO IT ALL but also to not WORRY about it.  At this point I’d make way more mistakes on my own.

No one got hurt in the making of this Non-Show.  And go figure my family was even glad to see me back so much earlier than expected.  (AND the kids were finishing their chores, but that is another post.)


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1 Response to All Dressed Up and No Show To Go

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Well, you and at least one guy entertained each other.

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