A True Christmas List

Tuesday, December 12th 2017


We have a saying in our family that “The best things happen off camera.”  Much as I document seemingly everything, it is important to let it go anytime something does not get captured on camera.

So it goes with the Christmas List that ClaraJane wrote yesterday, then lost.

Firstly it’s notable how much she is now reading and writing at six years old.  It’s wonderful, fantastic, and cause for a different blog post.

Moreover, the CONTENTS of that list.  Her list was comprised of the NAMES of people she wanted to get gifts FOR.  Such as her grandma, her “cousin” Victor, and others.

Maybe she’ll re-write it, we’ll see.   Either way, onward with the world we choose to create.  And onward with her spectacular, extraordinary, irrepressible heart.   #ProudMama.  #Swoon.


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