Hospital Clowning: Shhh!

Sunday, November 12th 2017

2017-11-13 06.59.24-2 SHH!

A couple days after my Clown Rounds on Friday, I am reflecting upon a random moment and sharing it with my husband (cue harp playing four seconds of flashback transition music):

My partner and I are waiting for the elevator when a hospital worker guy pushing a cart asks me for a song.  After my usual sputtering for a moment, I hook into a song and he is loving it.  My partner says, “ELEVATOR!” and YOINKS me into the car before the doors shut.  In the comedy of the moment I start improvising song lyrics and she says, “SHH!!!”  I switch to playing real quiet-like. 


It just so happens that I personally LOVE and find it is hilarious for clowns to go “SHH!!” in the elevator, so I may have “SHH!!”d her back, I just don’t remember.  Little did I realize however that when I relayed the incident my son Gavin was soaking up every word.   The next morning he presents me with this:

2017-11-13 06.59.24-2 SHH!.jpg



Frame 1:  Dr. Be Bopper is playing for the guy with the cart.


Frame 2:  My partner yoinks me into elevator.



Frame 3:  Cart guy is standing there. By. Himself.  


Frame 4:  My partner says “Shhh!” while Dr. Be Bopper is shrugs like, “What!”


Somehow my son even intuited that the cart guy was in fact standing in the entrance of a hallway.  How he had the presence of mind to embellish my narrative with frame #3, I do not know.


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