Flamly Hubsand

Sunday, November 12th 2017

I awake this Sunday morning to find Dear Hubsand GONE.  I was alarmed because I have a gig in a few hours but I know he’ll be back in time to be bitten by our Ankle Biters.  I realize he is returning my mom’s car he borrowed yesterday.  I stumble into the kitchen to start making coffee and lo!  He has already done it:

2017-11-12 07.48.24.jpg

Complete with cider donut surprise

What.  A. Good.  Good.  Man.

Here he is yesterday, after having borrowed said car, texting me from an apple orchard he found OPEN in spite of the literal fall frost blanketing New England.  Gavin had asked to go apple picking before fall was over and I was like, um… ok?  Daddy to the rescue!

2017-11-11 12.48.27

Gavin refused a winter jacket so zipped a hoodie over his face under the barbarian viking beard.  CJ is bundled up in Elsa hat and tiger.  Say “Cheese!”

Incidentally;  the term “Flamly” was from how our son first pronounced it, “Hubsand” from our daughter, and my “Honorable Wife” mug from our spirited niece Olivia.

Anyway my point is apparently my Hubsand is the best Flamly Man a Honorable Wife could ask for!



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1 Response to Flamly Hubsand

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Bless your hubsand’s apple-picking lil’ ol’ heart!

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