Plumprint Books to the Rescue

September 2017


If you are a parent, then chances are you have rats nest piles of artwork scrambled around your home.  While there are plenty of crafty ways to preserve them, and technically we can take photos of them to print in a book… WHO’S GOT TIME!??

Enter Plumprint: “We transform your kids’ art into custom books.”

I am not being paid to say this, I just need to say how great this service is!

Just do this:

  • Collect that crap -including oversize paintings, ceramic sculptures, pasta necklaces and such, whatever you like- into this pre-labeled BOX they send you,
  • FedEx that sh*t,
  • RELAX.

They will email you a PROOF of your child’s precious work, which you then:

  • ADJUST and edit to your heart’s content (customer service is INSTANT and AMAZING at all times)…
  • APPROVE (with your credit card), and
  • RELAX some more!

Your books will arrive in the mail in a couple weeks.

And don’t forget to enjoy the increased calm zen in your home, and the peace of mind knowing your children’s masterpieces are properly preserved into perpetuity.

Or if you’re nuts like me you can blog about it in the meantime and enjoy the digital versions of the work they provide online.

For example:



Gavin’s Art Book Cover:












Gavin Sketch

His Title Page:





Here are some random little pieces that were flying around getting lost before I wrangled them onto a piece of construction paper with glue stick:





Ninja & Dragon


Here is a charming little guy Gavin crafted one time at  Taekwondo Camp.  It was devolving into a tchotchke falling apart on the shelf, but here he is valiantly taming this dragon instead.




Stained Glass Heart by Gavin


One of my favorites.  It was framed in my office for years but it too was falling apart.  I think it looks great.









ClaraJane’s Book Cover:







Her Title Page:









More priceless tchotchkes memorialized as if by magic:








Another collage I think turned out great:







You get the idea!

PRICE depends on how many pieces/pages you end up with and what type of book you get.   We ordered two 10″x8″ hardcover books with less than 50 pages each for about $250 total.

Might sound like a lot but;

  1. Like it or not this is what my poor deprived kids are getting for Christmas.  (I expect to post about non-materialism soon), and
  2. Not for nothing but this peace of mind is pretty damn priceless.

Just sayin!

To see the digital proof of their whole printed books, click:

Gavin & ClaraJane’s Art Books


If you’d like to try it, here’s $20 off!


And lastly, here is an enjoyable video I found at WhatUp Moms with a doable system for the terrifying job of *organizing* the art in the first place (even if she doesn’t know about yet!)

ORGANIZE | Managing Kids Artwork!! (Fool Proof System) [2:54]:



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