Gavin’s 4th Grade Trip to Thompson Island

Wednesday, September 27th 2017


Thompson Island, Boston Harbor

Considering how much our flamly adores camping on Boston Harbor Islands, it came as a surprise when our son became dead-set against going on his overnight class field trip for two nights on Thompson Island.

Turns out the trip would be quite unlike camping; with the full-time requirement to stay in a group, no latitude to run free, and -horrors- sleeping indoors!  There were no doubt other factors at play for him and all the 4th & 5th graders going.  It is darling that the teachers were allowing him to the classic Montessori choice whether to go, but alas his parents were pulling no punches and did not provide wiggle room; “You’re going!


2017-09-27 07.26.23

9 y/o 4th Grader – Locked & Loaded



[Daddy & I were prepared to suffer the consequences of him having a bad time, but not the consequences of missing out on a profound and potentially wonderful team-building, confidence-promoting experience with his school mates.]


Gavin gave up resisting and settled on the strategy of “just bringing a really big book.”





Drop off day was so interesting.  Our Dear Boy seemed to wax sentimental.  First by hugging his sister:

2017-09-27 07.48.42


Then by wrestling and wrangling her all the way down the hall:


Then proposing to visit her classroom for the first time:


A quick goodbye:



2017-09-27 07.56.04.jpg

Then time to join the throngs:

2017-09-27 08.07.36


Or maybe hang back (and keep giving your mom hugs because she is still there and hasn’t performed the courtesy of getting lost yet):

2017-09-27 08.14.29


And just when you worry about your child fitting in or finding an opening to join in, you are reminded he is in wonderful hands:

2017-09-27 08.16.10

Ms. Stephanie jumps in and Gavin leans in for quick hug

Finally the buses are off, leaving the last hovering parents in their dust.  We are promised an email with photos later that night, and we are off.

Imagine our alarm when -indeed later that night after getting our one remaining child to bed- my cell phone rings and the caller is the Assistant Principal who is on the trip!

“Mr. Huber!” I say.

“Everything’s fine,” he assures.  “Gavin just wanted to check in with you before bedtime.”

Recomposing our heart rates, Daddy and I get on speaker and say, “Hey Boy!”
“Hi Mamma!  Hi Daddy!”  he says.

“So,” I say, “You’re powers of persuasion work out on the island as well huh?”
He laughs and agrees, then tells us about his day.  “Today was so structured!  For a lot of I was like, ‘Uuuuuuuugh!’  But then?  The food was so good!  The brownies were SO BIG. Some of them were like, 3 by 3 inches big!!”

He also reported liking his roommates fine, and agreed he had everything he needed.

Good to know Buddy.  Goodnight!

Sleeptight!  Don’t let the piranhas jump out of the harbor and bite!



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1 Response to Gavin’s 4th Grade Trip to Thompson Island

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    What? No Minecraft for two nights? Scandalous.

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