Orangeocalypse Update

Early August 2017

U.S. Politics right now…  a breathtaking Sh*t Show!

This two-minute synopsis of Hair Chump’s attempted “Theme Weeks” conveys exactly how it feels to be on the receiving end of his administration’s dearth of moral values, integrity or competence:

T-rump’s Theme Weeks [2:16]:


Above all else it is his incompetence that helps me sleep at night.  And the fact that we’re all receiving a much needed wake up call in civic engagement!

I would also say the Trumpocalypse is so far not nearly as bad as we expected.  Unless you are an immigrant.  Or black.  Or brown.  Or gay.  Or trans.  Or female.   Or a carbon-based organism dependent upon planet Earth as a habitat.

OK NVM.  We’re screwed.

PS:  Long live Trevor Noah!!

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