This Land Is Mine – An Animated History of Palestine

Saturday, February 25th 2017

An amazing animated history of the war over what I understand to be the Israel/Palestine territory.  I knew that the conflict goes WAY back in history far before the current two seemingly nihilistic foes, but check out this fascinating summary (which thankfully my DH was able to narrate for me for historical context).

This Land Is Mine [3:31]: 


Nice little discussion with the kids about this morning.  (Yes I showed them that.)  One thing I pointed out to my family -withOUT trying to make anyone wrong- was asking what quality ALL those soldiers had in common?

My family were all stumped.

My answer:  They are all MEN.  Throughout history men have been in charge (by using might and oppressing women), and THIS is their idea of CONFLICT RESOLUTION.

What would women do, I asked?  I suggested they would probably start by cleaning and cooking, sitting everyone down to a meal and then facilitate a lively discussion and come up with some solutions that actually benefitted everyone.   Yes it would involve COMPRIMISE.  And yes this is theoretical.

But more and more I am acclimating to the understanding that the future, if there is to be a future… “is FEMALE.”

2017-01-22 18.44.59.jpg

The future is FEMALE

(And no this does not mean the oppression of men.  Even though that is undoubtedly how men in power would perceive having to concede oppression of women and others.)

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3 Responses to This Land Is Mine – An Animated History of Palestine

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    This is a fantastic depiction of the historic fight over occupancy of a small patch of sand various peoples became attached to before they knew there were any other vast continents.

    As to the future as female…Embryologically, the default sex assignment is female. To become male the fetus must be bathed in testosterone or something, which makes their physical bodies taller and more muscular than those of females (and puts more muscles in the brain, taking up space that in females is occupied by neurons and other sophisticated thinking apparatus), so that by male “logic” males claim MALE is the default sex and something is wrong with females, even though females, and NO males, have the remarkable ability to give birth to a live human being, which in my theorizing, is what historically scares the beejesus out of males and causes them to murderously compete with each other (and bash females) to prove that males have worth, too.

    The peaceful, cooperative, “thinking not fighting” 1917 Women’s Worldwide March took place in response to the election to the US Presidency of possibly the very most horrible example of Maleness ever produced on this Earth, a man whose brain is entirely composed of fat and flabby muscle (and no neurons). Males and females with similar brains voted for him out of their historic irrational fear of females and their loathing of the difficult work of thinking. So insecure is this illiterate creature that he has surrounded himself exclusively with clones of himself who manipulate him to wield power by babyish impulse, toddler-grade irritability, loathing of democracy, and abject ignorance, with no contamination by thought, reason, wisdom, maturity, or care for anything other than his own immediate gratification.

    I personally adore males in general, and find most of them to be quite lovely, so I hope this Catastrophe of 2017 does not mark the beginning of the extinction of maleness, though goddess knows, the worst of their kind have certainly earned extinction.

    BTW, not to pick nits, but I believe the correct adjective for the 1917 Women’s March is EPIC (“grand, monumental”), not EPOCH (“a very long time span”).

  2. Thank you Mom! Much appreciated, and correction noted. And likewise not to nitpick, but I believe the EPIC Women’s March was in 2017, not 1917 (as entered 2x above). I guess even female brains are also sway to hooman fallibility; just better than the alternative. (o;

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