Hoboin’ at the Hubbards

Friday, February 24th 2017

Winter getaway to invade our friends’ home in New Hampshire!

Erin and Skylar take us for a stunning walk in the woods (during which Daddy dips Gavin’s head in the SNOW).

2017-02-23 21.00.44.jpg


Paul leads the kids through rolling sushi for our magnificent feast.  Richard treats us to stories about restaurant hauntings, spicy “food” and emus gone wild.  Marlin performs goopy magic and Gavin and Skylar perform a Robot Dog Dance.

2017-02-23 22.29.07.jpg

and a Show

Paul boosts our value as guests by replacing lightbulbs, ClaraJane proudly demonstrates her building block designs and Erin’s car displays the name of their family-owned Dojo, Prevail Martial Arts & Fitness Center.

In fact I was so focused on the media from our EPOCH experience with the Women’s March on D.C., we didn’t visit the dojo this time, but I sure hope to in future.


Before heading out, we are treated to a HOT TUB outside in the SUN and SNOW!


After which Daddy performs Snow Angel:


(Biggest dang snow angel you’ve ever seen; looka that wingspan!)

A little more horsing around and our surreptitious Vacation-Invasion is complete.


Thank you Erin, Richard, Marlin and Skylar!  We love you and can hardly wait to bug you again!


The O’s  


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