Tobin Turkey Trot 2016

Wednesday, November 23rd 2016

2016-11-23 Tobin Turkey Trot 2016 [1:39]:


This year’s Tobin Turkey Trot was highlighted by the Baba/Bubble Wow cheering section.


For the anatomical breakdown of Turkey Trot, please see 2014 Turkey Trot where Miles placed 3rd Fastest in First Grade, winning a jug of cider.  Last year we missed for driving to Ohio.  And this year he placed 2nd Fastest in Third Grade, therefore winning a pie.


Another highlight was the boys angling their way out of class in order to see ClaraJane’s race, which wasn’t so much a race but a forlorn recovery walk from having taken an early spill.  Somehow the boys were the perfect formula to turn her frown upside down, and thus SAVED THE DAY.

As Phys. Ed. Teacher Ms. Spencer says; “IF YOU HAD FUN, YOU WON!

So apparently I am a winner too.



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