Author Celebration with Miles and Gavin

Tuesday, November 22nd 2016

On this much anticipated day of celebrating the lower elementary authors of Tobin Montessori, who should I find in my son’s classroom?


This Guy (o: 


What did he write?








A very well received work with an impressively wide readership:


Uncle Lou





Chef Daddy


Aunt Amanda, Auntie Oxy & Baby Cousin Mary


Bubble Wow


























Considering the Boy has never shown enthusiasm for writing before, and was so eager for us to come read his story today, I for one am thrilled.  ♥





We also got to enjoy an incredible work by Zaida:

“She loves the color indigo and glittery sparkly stuff.”  She was so engrossed in reading I wanted to put a sign by her that says, “Author.  Do Not Disturb.”  Meanwhile her *story* was an exceptional piece of writing about an exceptional event (gymnastics competition).


And over here turns out our friend and neighbor Ayyan is downright prolific:

2016-11-22 08.17.05.jpg

Chef Paul listens to Ayyan read about his seventh birthday party.


And finally, the piece de resistance over in Room 211:  MILES!


His presentation even included a multi-media component on a tablet playing the audio of him narrating along with a visual highlighting different aspects of his illustrations.

I think I speak for all his adult guests when I say:  “HUH!?

He says the app is called “Explain Everything.”  Which is a coincidence because I have just explained everything I know about that.

But as for the STORY… please see “Plum Island Boys.”  You are in for a treat.

And speaking of treat; in recognition of the wonderful work by these young authors -some of whom have recently received their very own dictionary & thesaurus-  I humbly offer this:




















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