Plain Jane Saturday

Saturday, September 24th 2016

I’ve been desperate for life to slow down and have NOTHING HAPPEN for a while, so I could catch my breath.  And maybe stop taking so many damn photos all the time.  Thankfully this particular Saturday gives me just that.  No gigs, just a rare simple Saturday with family like normal people.  Nothing to photograph here.

First up:


Boy, sleeping in late to the astonishment of Darth Snowflake and all the ugly dolls.





The privilege of taking the Girl to ballet.




Pause to model ballet bag and tights                    (thank you Aunt Amanda!) 



Another pause, to maul Kitten mid-costume change.  

(See Love Unconditional.) 



A reprieve from beloved found objects filling our home.


Much as we love theses treasures, we bet the Faeiries will even more.













Trip to CostCo, wherein Boy models what he really really wants…




Take out Costco dinner by the Mystic River.


Such a RELIEF. As you can see, just a BORING day with flamly.  NOTHING special about it.   Thank goodness life SLOWED DOWN for a moment like I wished.  Finally I can be unaffected, unenthralled, undistracted by what’s directly in front of me.  I can think about deeper things because there’s NOTHING TO SEE here.  Thank goodness I didn’t need to take any PHOTOS.  It’s not like I’m in LOVE or anything.

So let’s just move along shall we?




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1 Response to Plain Jane Saturday

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Dear, you can further flatten out your otherwise fascinating life by performing my A/C chore tomorrow morning!

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