Standing Restored – Yes He Did

Thursday, September 22nd 2016

Picking up from Taekwondo, Angst and the Creative Process, and to answer my mom’s question “Well did he write the letter?

Yes he did finish it.

Without much fuss at that.  And sealed it in an envelope.  So I couldn’t read it.  Because it’s between him and Mr. Bart you know.


So while I don’t know exactly what he wrote, I do know he worked through some mighty aggressive aversion to going to class today, submitted the letter to Mr. Bart and earned a new uniform.



And because I didn’t have permission to take this photo, for permission to keep it he extorted the promise of a post-class Subway sandwich (one of his current compulsions).


In this video snapshot below you can see approximately 3 seconds of class but 25 seconds of leaving at the end.

2016-09-22 GLO TKD RESTORED [1min]:


A breakdowns is the opportunity a breakthrough.  And for this one, I might be just a little proud of my Boy today.


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