Now it’s a TWO Leaf Clover!

Wednesday, June 1st 2016

“And soon it’s gonna be a ONE Leaf Clover, right Gavin?  EAT it Mamma!  But just a little bit at a time, like this.”


“We’re eating clover Mamma!”
CJ had announced from the lawn with her brother as we all  collected ourselves into the car.

I’m kinda psyched my kids have gained the confidence from gardening at school to distinguish edible plants in the environment.

“Our kids are Urban Foraging!” I say to my Hubsand.  For a guy who ripped a brussel sprout plant out of a junk yard and started gnoshing on it during a date -once upon a time- he seems mildly underwhelmed.  Obviously I married him anyway.  Naught to do but nibble my clover, “a little bit at a time,” as instructed.

It’s refreshingly delicious.  Thank you ClaraJane!

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1 Response to Now it’s a TWO Leaf Clover!

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Paul was probably just showing off to impress you, gnawing wild brussels sprouts.

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