Fair is Not Always Equal

June 1st, 2016

This concept is new to me, and as with many things these days, I have the wisdom from my kids’ school to thank.  In fact this image was sent to me today by the School Adjustment Counselor, who was filling me in on some work with students he was doing around why certain accommodations were being made for certain students who seem -from the outside- to receive special privileges unfairly.


Fair is Not Always Equal


So even when my daughter was asking for an elaborate snack to be packed for her nature walk, like the one for her brother’s field trip the day before “So it would be fair,” I was better equipped to explain that the nature walk is not the same as the field trip, and therefore didn’t warrant the same level of food prep, but is still fair even though it’s not the same.  (Not to mention that LIFE AIN’T FAIR.)

Just a tiny tiny example of Child Equity Negotiations… but if that is not what parenting is often all about I don’t know what is.


PS: Later this very day…

Gavin & Bubble Wow cheering on Miles up at bat.

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1 Response to Fair is Not Always Equal

  1. That’s a terrific piece of folk art! The concept of fairness being different from equality is what’s behind things like the ADA, Affirmative Action, granting Native Americans more rights in their own lands, and redressing the direct victims of internment of Japanese-Americans in WW2.

    Sometimes we, as a nation, have previously acted unfairly toward minority citizens of various kinds. When we figure that out, we have a moral obligation to do things to make it right, to try and make the victims of oppression whole again. It’s a symbolic process equal to apologizing and making up after fights.

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