Home Sweet Home Sweet Home

Sunday,  November 29th 2015


Ta da!  Arriving home from the best family visit imaginable, with the best souvenirs imaginable … sure feels good.


The kids survived their ordeal being chauffeured through the night somehow:


As for “souvenirs,” holy smokes.  Look what Uncle Roger tied to our car:




Such a thrill.  And it’s HUGE, like the heartland from which it came. (Thanks Roger!!)

AND, get this, look what stowed away
home with us from Rolling Acres Farm. Introducing the newest, youngest,  fuzziest, most recently irresistible member of our flamly;  KITTEN!


That is a whole story in itself, involving several days of slowly convincing Daddy, culminating in his final surrender when he grumbled, “SO LONG AS I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.”

Gavin’s arguments started with, “It would be bringing a part of our Ohio Family home with us!”  And the cousins assert she will otherwise surely get eaten by coyotes, just like their poor cat Ike, rest his soul.

Here’s most of ClaraJane’s argument:


The kids are insisting her name is “Moonlight,” in spite of my insistence that was the name of *my* first kitten ever (“No Mom we thought of it ourselves!“).  The decision was inspired last night moments after pulling out of the Ohio farm driveway into the pitch blackness of Black Horse Road, when Gavin said of our brand new pitch black kitten in the dark;  “I wish I could see her!”  So they named her Moonlight, and sang to her instead;


After that she was a napping angel for the *13* hour trek home.  Within minutes of inspecting her indoor home surroundings in Cambridge, Kitten repeatedly rubs against ClaraJane’s leg to let us know in no uncertain terms this is EXACTLY what she’s been dreaming of.


(Also;  Nom Nom Nom.)

Auntie Janelle confirms this kitten has never acted like a barn kitty,  in spite of having in fact been born in a barn.  To remove all doubt, Kitten brandishes expert operation of her first litter box with a flourish of city kitty panache:


[“Did I really need to know that?” you ask.
Yes, you did.
“Is nothing sacred?”
Why yes, in fact here at CircusKitchen.com, everything (that is otherwise mundane) is sacred!  Just be glad I didn’t include a shot of the business end of the cat doing her business.]

Needless to say I *may* be blogging deliriously sleep deprived,  but DH is already passed out so there is no one here to stop me.  And needless to say we’re all happy.  Except perhaps for the cats we actually already have.  The poor dears will have to adjust.


“But I’m still your favorite,  right?”

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  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    At least no goat. Yet.

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