Gavin’s Wishes for the World


In addition to the astounding blessings we have and the things our Boy is contemplating asking for Christmas, I’ve asked him to think about what we can also do for others who are not so fortunate.  This is what he just told his Daddy and I as we hit the road here tonight for the long ride home Bostonway from Ohio;

“1. The power to make gun control laws.

“2. To make all poor, all homeless, all refugees and all hungry people have a nice back

“3. The power to make the world use solar power and electricity more.

“4.  For there to be no more terrorists and things like that.

“5.  To make the whole world have peace.

“Those are all the global problems,  right?  …Oh yeah;

“6. To have all the children in the world whose parents can’t afford to give them an education,  have an education.

“7. For people to start composting more and recycling more.”

*      *      *      *

He also just said,  “Daddy,  one of the most harshest stories I could ever think of… is Jesus.  I’m glad they don’t use that kind of punishment anymore.”

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1 Response to Gavin’s Wishes for the World

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    I’m glad (most of us don’t use that kind of punishment any more) too. Blessings on you, Gavin.

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