Ohio Thanksgiving 2015 or Bust

Wednesday,  November 25th 2015; just past midnight


After 3 years of musing,  3 weeks of planning and 3 days of preparing hard core,  we’re OFF.

The plan of my coming home from work, offloading work gear, uploading all our packed goods with Daddy, grabbing the kids and hitting the road… was as smooth as so much precise preparation would bring you to hope.

The kids are traveling in such comfortable accommodations as I have ever heard of… for kids who are not spoiled (in part because their mom will not let the facts of labor escape them), and I expect to fashion a photo image as soon as the sun rises.  But alas now the moon has as of yet to set.


So it seems I banged out the first 300 miles,  and now Daddy-O giving it a go.  I’d say the trip has been uneventful so far but I don’t want to lie.  Somewhere around New Haven the car’s interior suddenly took on a suspicious and modestly offensive olfactory quality.

“Did you just fart?” I ask DH.
“Yes I did,” he admits,  because; he is a gentleman.  (To wit,  he *just* informed me we are presently driving through… wait for it;  *Shartlesville* PA.  In your FACE “Athol” MA!  Butt, now *back* to the story.)

A spell later, after sneaking through the City that Never Sleeps, I start to smell something truly foul this time.

“Is that you or Newark?” I pry.
“Newark,” he says, because; he’s an honest man.

Who is now affording me at last perhaps a chance to sleep.  The moon has tarried brilliantly with us for hours, given that we are driving towards it’s western descent.  Finally it is sagging low, and fuzzy.  And come to think of it so are my eyeballzzz…


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