Sacred (“Mundane”) Saturday

Saturday,  November 21st 2015

Possibly the greatest part of this day happens first.  At the risk of jynxing it I daresay my kids have been developing a true and decent relationship lately.   Here they are playing checkers:


Playing Kids


I sneak this shot before returning to bed.  Daddy is a bit extra tired so it is not long before ClaraJane to the rescue:


I got you Daddy


After burning the first round of breakfast, yours truly eventually gets everyone fed before the boys heave off to commence Basketball season, leaving us girls behind to fru-fru about the domicile,  and have a tea party for ourselves.  Well, it was sugar water.  Hummingbirds drink it so why not us?  We even make up a new kiss about it (“Hummingbird Kiss.”).


How many scoops Mamma?


As ClaraJane and I play with tea sets and paint our nails (and clean-tidy-repair-kickass at home),  Daddy sends a clip from the living hell that is the first-day team assignments from the YMCA:



Later I’m off to a gig and my crew are off to a favorite haunt in nearby woods called Panther Cave, “To check if any panthers are there today.”


Panther Hunting Crew


They look high,  they look low.


Anyone home?


They even bring Auntie Liz to help look.  And lo!  What wild creature is that?  LOOK OUT!


Run for your lives!


Oh wait… that’s Chico.  Not necessarily the smartest,  but quite possibly the GREATEST Dog on Earth.


Chico Head


Aw, Chico Head.  We ♡ Chico Head.

I love all this stuff and am addicted to it.

Long live the Sacred in the Mundane.

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1 Response to Sacred (“Mundane”) Saturday

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Panther Cave looked good but of basketball tryouts and froufrou-ing round the domicile I think I’d choose frou-frou!

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