That’s More Like It

Monday, 11/09:  By the time I left the hospital Monday, Mom was at least in a more peaceful state.  She seemed to have come back from the edge of despair, and with the first of several tubes having finally been removed, was resting peacefully.

Tuesday 11/10:  By Tuesday morning she was still exhausted but answered the phone and mumbled something.  I had to ask her to repeat it, and she repeated crystal clear and loud,  “CALL BACK IN A MINUTE!”  Way to go Mom!

When I did,  she stayed on the phone with me,  while upright in a chair,  for over 25 minutes.  This may not sound like much but was actually huge progress from the despondence before.
Moreover she was thinking about getting out of there and what it’s going to take to get back to her life as she knew it.  She was also mostly receptive and even appreciative of encouragement and cheer leading.  Most importantly (to me), she acknowledged that there is no avoiding the pain that’s going to be involved in learning to walk again.  She’s going to have to face it.   I told her there is no way around it;  only through it.

Tuesday afternoon,  I had the privilege and pleasure of showing up at her beside with a passel of grandchildren.


Mom, Gavin, Miles, ClaraJane & Edible Arrangement


Because we’d wanted to bring both flowers and food, the kids were thrilled at the chance to finally shop at *Edible Arrangements.*  They came fully prepared to *help* their Baba/Bubble Wow with the fruit.  They’d also each written their own get well note and collectively insisted on bringing her a teddy bear.

And in ClaraJane’s case,  fresh artwork:


ClaraJane explains; “That says, ‘GET WELL SOON!'”


As if that and all the snacks I’d packed them weren’t enough, in walks a Candy Striper, wielding a giant cart full of fruit and snacks like magic.  We hadn’t even seen such a person in all the days here, and he shows up just when mom’s room happens to be full of children and goes,  “Do you guys like snacks?”


“Yes!” “Me!” “I do!”


There’s also this very tender and insightful chaplain who befriended us named Spritely.  He was actually pretty amazing in the generosity of his spirit,  and sensitivity to mom’s needs and family dynamics in general.  He also showed up and led the kids directly to where the secret stash of soda pop and cups are kept.  AND the ice machine.

Paul also joined us,  which very much pleased mom.  For all my faults as a daughter,  one thing going for me is having procured for her the World’s Greatest Son-in-Law.  (Or at least the tallest.)  Regrettably we all had to leave soon,  but not before getting her to actually eat a whole damn bowl of chicken noodle soup.


That’s the spirit.


She’d actually had a good night’s sleep the night before and was looking forward to another one.  She’ll need it too, because today, Wednesday 11/11:  She’s finally slated to get transferred to REHAB.  Not Mom’s idea of a good time, at ALL, but a step in the right damn direction.

She thanked me for coming yesterday, and I thanked her, for coming “back online.”  I’m optimistic that rock bottom is behind us now and that was the worst of it she got through there.




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  1. Anita Thompson says:

    Hey JM We are glad to hear that your Mom is doing better….. the circuskitchen….pics and stories continue to be charming… XO A

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