Post-Op Mamma

Saturday, November 7th 2015

Had the pleasure of waiting in the wings throughout Mom’s surgery day yesterday, and visiting her today.  So far so good!

Amanda, Mary & I hang out during Mom's surgery & Post-Op

Amanda, Mary & I hang out during Mom’s surgery & Post-Op


[I know, we’re on the floor in the hospital waiting area.  Don’t worry, it’s not only a really lovely and clean hospital, New England Baptist is STRICTLY orthopedic, no E.R. or infectious disease. ]

Needless to say Mom was rather medicated upon coming out of surgery (thank you Dr. Hwang), but honestly her spirits were great.  She was working hard to wrap her groggy mind around the fact that the surgery was *over* AND she was still alive!  (Generously, she had prepared herself and daughters for the unlikely possibility this would not end up the case, but alas turns out it’s not yet her proverbial *time.*  Praise be.)

Once she was settled in her room in excellent care, it was time to go home for shut eye.

Pretty hospital courtyard

Night Night Pretty Hospital Courtyard


After a naturally rough night, she signaled good news:

Good Signal

Good Signs


Being unencumbered by gigs today (halleluia), I realized I might also need to get unencumbered by these knuckleheads too.

Three Amigos

Three Amigos


In the meantime it was nice knowing she was enjoying the art we’d put up for her:

2015-11-07 18.45.00


The kids keep drawing her ROCKET SHIPS for some reason (why not).

Homespun Hospital Art

Homespun Hospital Art



The hospital also gave her a rose, and I collected some bright Ginko leaves from the courtyard.

For the Lady

For the Lady



One thing (of many) going for my mom, is the fortitude of her MENTAL ACUITY (along with all her faculties actually, seeing, hearing, etc. etc…. everything you need for full enjoyment of life besides freedom from PAIN.)  Probably the most instructive thing I’ve gained from this whole process lately is witnessing her read EACH and EVERY one of the absolutely innumerable FORMS she’s had to sign.  Each one is more convoluted than the last, and she always asks about any and every single point about which she either does not *understand* or -pity the fools- *agree.*   Here she is reading about what life is going to look like in the foreseeable future.

Reading Rehab Instructions

Reading Rehab Req’s


Then comes Manda:

Manda & Mom


And Baby Mary:

Hi Baba, can I yank out your new jewelry?

What’s up Baba?

Mary caused quite a stir with the nurses on the ward.  “Baby alert!”  they cried in excitement.  “Oh this must be the baby going to 413!  I heard all about her!”

Self-Styled Hospital Visit

Mary “checks” Baba’s Glasses


Mary goes in for snack:

"You nurse me and I'll nurse you, Mom."

“You nurse me and I’ll nurse you, Mom.”


Although she seems to question my dubious “balloon” decorations:


What the…?


Poor mom had a veritable parade of practitioners stream through her room all day.  It’s exhausting to entertain that many professionals, but she is in extraordinary care and she’s honestly handling it with grace, aplomb, appreciation and, I daresay, optimism and even humor.


Amanda Models L-3-4-5

Amanda Models L-3-4-5


Incidentally, one of her visits today was from, of all people, the hospital Chaplain.  Mom and he were just concluding a discussion of their differing religious beliefs when I arrived, after which she agreed to let him lead us in prayer.  Before surgery I had teased her that she hadn’t spent her lifetime’s journey overcoming her roots as a Southern Baptist to eventually *die* at “New England Baptist Hospital.”  (Haha, I know.)  But the graciousness of the Chaplain cannot be overlooked.  He was a truly lovely human being -or as Mom said, “a beautiful Christian.”  And the prayer was heartfelt and touching.

In any case, it is fantastic having Mom’s in a world class institution whose expertise and priorities, unlike our spines, are totally freaking strait.

"'Tis Grace that brought us safe this far and Grace will lead us home."

“‘Tis Grace that brought us safe thus far and Grace will lead us home.”


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2 Responses to Post-Op Mamma

  1. Anita Thompson says:

    Good morning Jen… al Hope all is great with your sweet family, love to CJ and Gavin and Paul ( you too ) I am just now surfacing from a 10 day John Lassetter visit, clinic, driving miss daisy work for JL and BET, taking JL and BET to Las Vegas to see Cirque….etc….well thats the excuse as to why I am belated in reading your posts (kind of you to include me/us) I have showed Bruce this …. He may call.

    I should just let you know that symptoms you no doubt saw in him this summer have increased for him….he has had more tremor etc….we are following all with a neurologist…but his cognitive ability, the usual sharpness we all love to hate is less, there may be some things we can do but ….he is fragile, maybe call him it you have time…..I dont know if he is ready to tell everyone….its a frustrating, sad time for us…and he only has insight at times…lots of denial…..

    I hope Mimi has a swift recovery….back surgery is not a picnic…and I know she has had to be brave through several other surgeries, in the past…. give her our best….

    Love A

  2. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Grace will lead us home….

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