Thich Nhat Hanh – Peace and Compassion

Thich Nhat Hanh [“Tick Not Han”]:

The door to all moments...

The door to all moments…


For anyone who like me has spent most of their lives unexposed to legendary author, Buddhist Monk, Zen Master and world renowned peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh, here is a most lovely introduction interview by way of Oprah Winfrey (from May 12th 2013).

Oprah Winfrey talks with Thich Nhat Hanh Excerpt [21mins, 47 secs]:


Just watching his face and listening to him talk makes me feel inspired and at ease, every time.


One Simple Action

One Simple Action




ThichNH Making Suffer Needing Help

“The message he is sending” 



to relieve suffering...

to relieve suffering…



So it's a Choice...

So it’s a Choice…



"Allowing" happiness

“Allowing” happiness



A Form of Art!

An Art!



Most Basic Kind of Peace Work

Most Basic Kind of Peace Work




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