Mindfulness – JKZ on NPR

Thursday, October 22nd 2015




As I am studying Mindfulness and heard Jon Kabat-Zinn interviewed on NPR’s “Here & Now.”  Here is the 10 minute interview titled “The Science of Mindfulness and Meditation.”

Here are some points I loved:

What is Mindfulness?

– To go from DOING to BEING

– Resting in the domain of your own being.

– Getting in touch with being *embodied.* (Your physical body here and now.)

– Saying, “Oh! I’m not fully present; let me come back.”

– You can’t change the circumstance around you, but you can change your relationship with it so it doesn’t erode the quality of your life.

– Observing thoughts like weather patterns.

– Learning to surge the wave of these psychic events (without having to react).

...the present moment...

…the present moment…



Here are Jon Kabat-Zinn’s guided Mindfulness practices.

Here’s a free trial of his popular app, Headspace.


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1 Response to Mindfulness – JKZ on NPR

  1. MaryMargaret says:

    He stand on giant’s shoulders. I hope he gives credit to Herb Benson and eastern thought, which both preceded him. He’s saying the exact same thing and if he’s bringing it to a new audience that’s fine, but he should not take credit for the original ideas.

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