Back to School 2015

September 2015

ClaraJane and Gavin weren’t actually unhappy over going Back to School per se, just about me making them pause for the photo first.   C’est la vie.

2015-09-08 07.54.57

Second Year (Pre-K) and Second Grade


This year, in addition to our new Principal, Jaime Frost, we were greeted by our city’s mayor, Mayor Maher!  (“mayor mayor”)

2015-09-08 07.56.44

Gavin, ClaraJane, Mayor Maher & Principal Jaime Frost


Such a lovely man.

Have a wonderful

“Have a great school year!  Mayor David Maher”


ClaraJane’s grade wasn’t actually scheduled to start for a couple days, but that didn’t stop her from reporting to class anyway.

ClaraJane is greeted by Ms. Mayya, Ms. KariAnne and Ms. Pat

ClaraJane is greeted by Ms. Mayya, Ms. KariAnne and Ms. Pat


And going for Bom Cafe breakfast with Mommy & Daddy.

*Almost* Back to School

Back to School… almost!


Ah, Back to School photos.

It's just what mom's do. #getoverit

It’s just what mom’s do. 



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1 Response to Back to School 2015

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    When they’re famous they’ll put these back to school photos on their book jacket! Like Stephen King. Only nobody else could possibly as cute as these two.

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