Plymouth Countdown – August 2015

Sunday, August 9th 2015

Plymouth Paul Pile

Plymouth Paul Pile


Besides the EPOCH amazing organizational transformation of Liz’s basement (no pix, except some of the aftermath above), here are some of the treasures from our visit:

5)  Super Fat Cats, Fur-ever

OMG So Much to LOVE

OMG Howie the Cat; SO MUCH to Love

(Note; Howie almost makes my daughter look small in this photo.  My daughter may be four, but she is the size of a 5 or 6 year old human.  And so’s the cat apparently.)


4) Zach Attack
Pretty self-explanatory; just cousins beating on each other in a Wrestling-Tickle Pile.

Zach Attackh

Zach Attach

Here’s the same shot in live action video:


3)  It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Lib

What’s a family visit without a little toilet humor?  Or perhaps a LOT of it:

Our Collective Mindset - Apparently

Our Collective Mindset – Apparently

Any game that inspires the adverb “Diarrheaily” is a game for me!


2)  Ritual Tree Burning Story

Lighting the Christmas Tree

Lighting the Christmas Tree


As we explore exactly *what* a Christmas Tree “lights up” like, out of Olivia comes some most imaginative, confident, charming, absurd and humorous story telling.  Three women set off to save Christmas by finding fire you see, and, well… here:

By Olivia

Before you go crazy next time, remember to read “Good Night Moon!”


My hope for Olivia: KEEP WRITING!


1) Whiplash Paci-Waggin’

Lucy's Paci Waggin'

Lucy’s Paci Waggin’

Last time we were here, Chico had gotten a metal scrub brush stuck in the considerable tail feathers of his butt, with the 3 ft handle dragging behind him. Being Chico, he neither minded nor noticed, even though -as Gavin describes it- “It looked like a golf club was sticking out of his butt.”

This time was Lucy’s turn apparently, as she was running around with a long stick with thorns stuck in her butt feathers, also not minding or noticing (being an award winning show dog and all).  At one point she blows by ClaraJane who then cries out,”Mom! Lucy took my paci!” We all look, see, crack up and I whip out my camera phone, because you had to be there:


I know my daughter will give up the paci eventually;  I admit I’m glad it wasn’t before this weekend.


THANKS LIZ for another wonderful time together!  ♥ ♥ 




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1 Response to Plymouth Countdown – August 2015

  1. Kathy Ziegler says:

    Fantastic story by Olivia. Yes, she should keep writing. she is very creative! Love alll the blogs. Keeps me in the grandkids moment! thanks

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