Saturday, August 8th 2015


At last, at last!  The REASON I had children has come to fruition:

Personal Delivery, Bedside!

Personal Delivery, Bedside Baby!


NEWS BULLETIN:  On this day in history, my 7 y/o son Gavin fully executed the making and delivering of coffee to us, his parents, who were still in bed.  And note; he executed all the steps –soup to nuts (well, grounds to cup)–  by himSELF.

I guess my work here is done.  I can just rest on my laurels and stay in bed from here on out.  Right?  No?  C’mon!

OK fine, fine.  Never mind, I’ll get up.  Just let me enjoy this first cup first, halleluia.




Now that’s some Executive Functioning!  And it was perfect.


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1 Response to HOT COFFEE IN BED

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Aw, what a sweetie!!! Yep, that was a good reason to have children.

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