Thumbs Up Continued

Wednesday June 10th  2015

Ms. Mayya (& Emi & Sachi)

ClaraJane’s Teacher, Ms. Mayya (& Emi & Sachi) ❤ ❤ ❤



I mean, it’s just one teeny weeny finger tip of one little (mighty) girl.  Amazing though how such a thing can bring about drama, care, concern, curiosity, empathy and kindness in a community.  I guess it underscores our humanity and vulnerability and personal experiences with accidents and pain.   Plus, everyone has gotten a finger pinched at some point in their lives (or will).

To wit, my Mom and Auntie’s responses to yesterday’s episode.

Here’s how ClaraJane retold her tale to Bubble Wow;  “When I was at the hosipal and I had twilight sleep and I had things in my nose?  And I took them out, and it smelled like mint!  And it didn’t feel comfortable.  And when my parents weren’t in the room, I was confused.”  (Remembering quite a lot there for someone having been under the influence of a drug meant to incur amnesia!)

Brother Gavin and Cousin Miles lovingly chose a sweet Get Well Gift for her (with the help of Bubble Wow; Thanks Mom);

Get Well Gift from Gavin and Miles

Get Well Gift from Gavin and Miles


After this ClaraJane finally let her guard down and arbitrarily threw a massive tantrum all over Grandma’s house.   I figured she was due.  I also figured; “Wow, she really feels comfortable at Grandma’s!  (“What happens at Grandma’s…” right?)   She also recomposed herself soon afterwards and returned to just her regular bossy self.

Here she is telling the tale to our incomparable Pediatrician, Dr. Lisa:

At Brother's appointment, no less

At Brother’s appointment, no less


To the School Nurse she reported:  “At the end of my doctor’s appointment I got a Cinderella sticker!  And then I went home and watched a Cinderella Movie.”  (Not entirely  true, but it’s her story anyway.)

For the sake of efficiency at school, I cc’d all pertinent teachers and staff at school an update.  Of the many kind and caring responses, by far the cutest was that from ClaraJane’s collective classmates:


Hello ClaraJane,

We hope you feel well! I hope you are OK! Are you OK? Is your thumb still bleeding? Is your nail growing a little bit? I hope you feel better. Get lots of rest to feel better. Please rest. We hope you can go to school again. I hope the whole nail will grow back.

Maya, Lina, Jaliyah, Bella, Prahlad, Jeffrey, Alexia, Noah, Izzi, Ellis! Clem, Annika, Daniel, Arshia, Yanit, Ms. KariAnne and Ms. Mayya


Thursday, June 11th 2015

Back at school today,

Ambivalent perhaps

Ambivalent perhaps


The bragging rights begin;

Calmly Breakfasting in the Cafeteria

Calmly Breakfasting in the Cafeteria


Ms. Jaime Frost, our incoming Principal (and overall stellar individual), greets CJ on her way to class;

Ms. Frost

Ms. Frost


As does Ms. Erin Gutierrez, our Montessori Resource Teacher;

Ms. Erin

Ms. Erin


Look at all these staff members squatting down to greet her.  I’m not even sure I can physically DO that.  All the care and concern is enough to bring tears to my eyes.  In fact it does.

As mothers themselves, the collective community also asks me how *I’m* doing.  I guess most of them don’t know about this blog.  Little do they know I’m *fine* because I’m indulging in this therapy at the expense of my dear Fair Readers as I pass on every excruciating detail for your reading pleasure.  So for this I thank you for your participation -witting or unwitting- in my therapeutic exercise for sanity.

THANK YOU and may you perceive as many blessings in your world as I do mine!!!



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