We Heart to Fart

Thursday, June 4th 2015 (@7:05am)

(Formerly a bib)

(Formerly a bib)


CJ: Look Mom!  I have a cape!

Me:  Nice honey!

CJ: [Lets one rip.]  Mom!  I farted in your room!

Me: Hey!  Don’t fart in my room!

CJ: [Giggling, runs away into the kitchen to brag.]  Daddy!  I farted in your room!

Daddy:  You did?!  Well I just farted in the kitchen!

Boy: [To his sister] And I just farted in your snack box!

Now we’re all laughing.

Me: [coming into the kitchen] Can I just say how PROUD I am of my family right now?!

(Ignoble and base, I know, but there’s little I wouldn’t sacrifice at the altar of comedy.)

CJ:  Mommy, what did YOU fart in?

Me: [picking up daddy’s mug and holding it behind my butt]: I just farted in Daddy’s tea!

And… [Scene.]

*                    *                     *                     *                    *                       *

Incidentally (though not entirely by coincidence), Daddy’s mug does say “I ♥ to Fart!”

However Father’s Day *is* coming up, and he may perhaps require one of these:




Then again who needs a mug to celebrate a true love when we are so replete with abundance of the real thing?

2015-06-04 07.07.08-2


Hopefully what they say is true:

farts together

And… thanks for reading!

Note to Self:  Will blogging one day be available in 4D?  I feel my dear readers here are missing  an es-scent-ial part of this critical story.

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