Tuesday June 2nd, 2015




On our way home in the car discussing a big event at our kids’ school with delegates from the city, ClaraJane’s little voice popped up from the backseat:

“Delegates!? What are delegates?”

“Oh, well honey, delegates are people who are sent somewhere to do something,” I offer.

“NO!!” she protests, “Delicates are not people sent somewhere to do something,” she painstakingly explains. “Delicates are… delicates are mice that tell people what to do when someone is in distress!”

Daddy is beaming.  I smile and say,  “You mean like Bianca and Bernard from the International Rescue Aid Society?”  (From a favorite book on regular rotation, The Rescuers.)


“You’re right honey,” I agree. “Those are delicates!”

Bianca & Bernard: World's Greatest Delicates!

Bianca & Bernard, aka:  “The Rescuers”  – World’s Greatest Delicates!


And so another term gets redefined in a flamly.  From a timeless family favorite story no less.

No doubt warranting it’s own blog post, here is an initial stab at listing some of the terms that have been redefined and appropriated in my family:


Catchtoons (cartoons)

Tetch ewe (thank you)

Nise  (nice)

toking (talking)

collage (college)

nabor (neighbor)

exiting (exciting)


I know I’m missing a bunch so this is just a start.  But anyway, nise toking nabor, it’s been exiting!


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1 Response to Delicates

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    my-my hell
    …come to mind
    and it was KARCH-toons

    And I am 100% with ClaraJane that “delicates” are mice that decide how to rescue somebody! “The Rescuers” are way up high on my list of favorite stories. Starring Bob-Nob Newhart, who we used to watch on TV right after Mary Tyler Moore.

    Thanks for the entertaining blogs!

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