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Monday, April 27th 2015

Carnivore or Predator

“Carnivore” or “Predator” ?


In the car after school today, I happened to have some very well received salami and cheese for the kids’ snack; especially the salami, turns out.

“What’s a carnivore again?” my Boy asks, finally satiated.

“A meat-eating creature,” I remind him.
“Oh yeah, yeah. I was getting it mixed up with ‘predator,'” he says, “But I’m pretty much a carnivore.”

I concur, yet point out he’s also a predator.  “A predator of SALAMI that is.”

Enjoying the joke, now we are musing about the rare and fabled SALAMI creature… one whose whole body and head and limbs are made of salami… running along with no elbows or knees.  Funny imagery.  Then, flash!  “Someone should make a poodle dog balloon out of salami!” I suggest, inventively.  Gavin agrees.  “I bet someone already has,” I say. “No way are we the first people ever to think of making a poodle dog balloon out of salami.”

How about let’s check? I don’t usually Google every little thing, but this particular whim has me pull out my phone and say; “OK Google, please show image of a poodle dog balloon made out of salami.”

Immediately we hear, “PICTURES-OF-POODLE-DOG-BALLOON-MADE-OUT-OF-SALAMI, HERE-YOU-GO.” blasted through my bluetooth enabled car speakers in that unmistakable computer lady voice.

Gavin, ClaraJane and I are all cracking up. So delicious.  As you navigate these little people around all the time -ages 4 and 6 at the moment- and deal with all their junk and disparate interests and problems, when something cracks ALL OF YOU up together at once… it is cathartic and priceless.

The instant timing of the clear loud factual computer lady voice followed by “HERE YOU GO,” slayed us all. I’m positive this story falls into the “had to be there” category. But my hope with this post -as with most- is that one day down the road my kids will be able to stumble upon it and get transported back to this absurd and wonderful moment in their childhood… or another.


Thanks Google

Gee thanks, Google


PS:  Not proud of the unadulterated carnivorous tendencies of my children per se, I just happened to have married a chef (um… non-vegetarian).   It runs in their blood.  I recognize this is not good for the ultimate preservation of the planet.  Baby steps.   CircusKitchen, Baby.

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2 Responses to Here You Go

  1. irmtraud spiegel says:

    Hello Circuskitchen family.Nice one…. I like the ones I read and I ma sure I would like the ones I don’t read. Your kiddies are very fun and so are you and Paul.Nice pictures as well. I always wonder when you all do that. The writing the coloring the pictures, do you have more than 24 hours a day? And we are slowly get rid of our cold and the coughing. This was exhausting for a while. Today we drive down south to visit my Mom and sister and later on some friends in Freiburg.That a fun change except that we have to send a lot of wet energy to our little plants which just come out on the surface. And as well we have to send some anti slug scary threatening to kill energy, because these things get out now and eat little baby leaves with no mercy.Thats all our worry.Brady started his German lessons in the Volkshochschule, …..!@$#%??? You see in the pictures parts of our little green world and the things we do when we feel like it. We dug out a big peace of concrete and rolled it on long tree trunks over to our junk yard section…… and we put a door in where a window was before.And and and…Kisses and hugs to you all.From Irmi and Brady (who just told me that the water pump dont work on our little trailer. Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 02:22:15 +0000 To:

    • Thank you for writing Irmi. Sorry you guys were sick! Hope all better now. Gavin is 7 today. Lots going on including gigs and birthday party this Sunday. Sending you love! Xoxo. ♡ PS: When I post, all I do is either give up sleep or drop other responsibilities. #easy (o;

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