Stop Right Now

Sunday, April 26th 2015

The problem with trying to curate media about your favorite material around your favorite material is you can’t resist generating more media as you do.

For example, I’m trying to steal this morning to post about our wonderful day yesterday, but the darn kids continue to be so very much themselves, and I cannot resist.

This Boy for example, on a skateboard:

A Sliver Shy of Seven

A Sliver Shy of Seven


And this Girl too:

Very Nearly Four

Very Nearly Four


I take the photos because I am ever present to the indisputable fact “they grow up so fast.” I steal these jewels of the present moment to hoard them away forever.

Then suppose you regain focus to return to what you WERE blogging about, then suddenly receive this hand delivered note:

Boy's New Persuasive Technique

Gavin’s New Persuasive Device


Then just as when you Give a Mouse A Cookie, when you Feed the Boy Some Food, he invariably gets affectionate and needs to hug you, with his face in your face:

Food Buzz Love

Food Buzz Love


Then afterwards, even though you try to ignore them, they are in such a good mood they play together magically, still (mostly) naked no less:

The “Mushroom Game”


I’m afraid this perpetual compulsion is an affliction from which I will never recover.  If I ever turn up missing, you will invariably find me flailing about inside a swirling ocean of photos, videos and memories.

On the other hand, maybe in another life I was a war-time correspondent.  As I type I am under siege of heated balloon-batting warfare between my two boys.  I keep getting bonked in the head and hands, like they expect me to play or something.

What is their deal?

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1 Response to Stop Right Now

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    They look like the nymphs and naked gargoyles often carved on churches. The former Ukranian (Lithuanian?) parishioners of Immaculate Place would be so happy. Sermon of the day: “Would you make me some breakfast please? And fast.”

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