Staycation by the Number$

Monday, February 23rd 2015

Ah… the kids are back in school.



At last I’m back in my favorite corner of my favorite cafe with my $2 coffee and free wifi. (I customarily leave a whopping 50% tip here every time. Feels like a steal.)

Among other things I’m able to do some of our bookkeeping (i.e.; labeling receipts before filing for next year’s taxes). Reflecting on our February Staycation, considering we incurred virtually nothing in travel costs, it is very gratifying to look at what money we DID spend.

MONDAY (2/16): Big hearty cozy dinner out from being snowbound for some favorite local Irish Pub Grub with Grandma:
TOTAL: $156. Our big expense for the week; totally worth it!

TUESDAY (2/17): Thanks to kids overnighting at their Aunt Amanda’s, Dear Husband actually brought me to my weekly gig and then joined me after for Open Mic.
TOTAL: $31 – Drinks & Tip

FRIDAY (2/20): Looney Tunes Miracle Flamly Outing Day
$ 34.00 – Movie Tickets for 4
$   8.25 –  Hot chocolate & snacks for kids
$ 16.00  -Beer x2 for “Grownups”
$ 70.00 – Border Cafe Flamly Feast for 4
$   3.00 – Bus x2 ways (“Rugrats are all set,” said the bus driver.)
TOTAL: $131.25. Considerable, but SO gratifying.

SATURDAY (2/21): Epochly Amazing Providence Children’s Museum Day
$30 – Extra tank of gas
$ 0 – (Free Parking, thank you Providence!)
$27 – Museum Admission for 3
$42 – Famished BBQ Feast for 3
$ 0 – Visit to Big Underwear Bus (The journey to a friend’s is never long, and is priceless.)
TOTAL: $99

Wow, not until writing this just now did I realize leaving town incurred the least expensive outing (Saturday in Providence, Rhode Island).

Now let’s look at money earned:

SATURDAY 2/14:  My first gig as a “musical” act, for *tips*, at the Cambridge Winter Farmer’s Market.  $34 in two hours.  (Promptly spent on fresh produce.  Good trade!)

TUESDAY 2/16:  Regular Weekly Gig for Kids Night at Polcari’s in Saugus.  $125 plus $105 tips (major record, a rare February Break deluge).  $215

WEDNESDAY 2/17:  Beverly YMCA Kids Camp Shows (2 major shows & more @ 2 venues).  $500 

SATURDAY 2/21:  Husband’s shift at the Fish Market, probably about $120.

SUNDAY 2/22:  2nd Birthday Party $375

I’m not even going to add up the income our expenses, because;

1) I am not a projected budget type of girl

2) The expenses above detail our recreation for the week, not any of the other many living  expenses or bills happening.

3)  It was an exceptional week of a lot of recreation and hardly any work at all.   Not a sustainable day-to-day existence.

BUT IT WAS SO LOVELY!!!   A deeply satisfying Staycation indeed (especially considering how much progress we continue to make in our son’s development of ability to perform academic work and manage emotions).   Today’s drop-off of kids at school was particularly thorough and gratifying.

Now for the rest of obligations I can meet today before it’s time to go pick them up again.   Sis boom bah.


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