Friday, February 20th 2015 – continued

WHO could have predicted the Miracle Day that would ensue?   After breakfast the kids STARTED HOMEWORK, without being asked!  Such a contrast to all the kvetching the night before.

Kids at Work

Kids at Work


Then in the most unexpectedly efficient manner, we all up and dressed, made it outside and CAUGHT the bus by 10:30am!  Considering some of these snow/vacation days we’re not even dressed by noon, I was truly amazed.

I'm on a Bus!

Made the Bus!


Of course incentives never hurt, in this case the LOONEY TUNES Film Festival in Harvard Square.   It is exactly otherwise NEVER they hear mom say, “If you get dressed in time we’ll go to the movies to see cartoons!”

Side Note:  We were so early that the box office wasn’t even open yet.  The kids wanted to diddle around with icicles, so we stayed there outside in the cold and ended up first in line.  I’d never been so early for something in my life.  I felt like such an overachiever,  I only wish it had been for something more important.

Impressive icicles they were too, in this record breaking winter we’re having, yet sometimes with such a beautiful days:

Hanging off of Harvard

Hanging off of Harvard


IVY LEAGUE Icicles, no less:

IVY LEAGUE Icicle, no less

About a 25 footer


And finally, cartoons from my own childhood:

Daffy & Bugs

Daffy & Bugs:  Is it Duck Season or Wabbit Season?


Of course it wasn’t 30 seconds into the first film when Bugs Bunny and the first barrel of a gun pointed at his forehead.  With all the violence I have to shield my kids from, it was of course ironic that I had brought them right to one of the old fashioned sources of it.  “It used to be wholesome,” I said to Gavin.  “It’s violence for kids!”  he concluded, ecstatic.

Duck Wabbit Season

Bugs & Elmer Fudd  (Shhh, please!  Naturally he’s hunting wabbits.)


It was so wonderful to revisit all those friends from childhood.   Bugs’ indomitable spirit and ability to outwit everyone and remain cool in the face of any predicament.  Also the fact that he is always peace-seeking until someone else stikes the first blow.  Then he’s all, “You realize of course dat DIS means WAH!”  His mastery of disguises and elaborate traps best his enemy every time.


Shot from the "Ultimatum Dispenser" Gun

Shot from the “Ultimatum Dispenser” Gun


Then of course there’s all the political satire and grammatical wordplay that went over our heads as kids.   Not to mention all the wonderful PHYSICS depicted and fictitious physics played out constantly.

Road Runner & Wild E. Coyote

Road Runner & our fair Wild E. Coyote


My enjoyment was quadrupled by Daddy making it back from his doctor’s appointment in time to join us for the 12 o’clock screening.  Not to mention bringing good, cold BEER from the Brattle Theatre concession (a delicious scandal at that time of day)!


Finally it’s back into the daylight and we’re seeking food, STAT.  Holding hands with my daughter she exclaims, “HERE’S an eating place!”  My old haunting grounds, The Border Cafe.

Last place of "real"  employment actually

Last place of “real” employment actually


Nothing like FRESH, FAST, WONDERFUL food to bring back children from the Brink of Hangry.




Time to go home.  It’s amazing there’s any snowbanks left after these two walk by:




Quick stop for Flamly Selfie in front of the church where we got married.   (I know, I can’t believe my kids cooperate with this stuff either.  But I’m gettin’ while the gettin’s good.)

Flamly Selfie

Flamly Selfie


And finally home for nap.  Squeezing my warm squishable daughter in bed…  (did I mention warm?).   An irresistible sedative on a cold winter’s day.


Color me BLISSED!

Rare shot of Mamma




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