Terrible Lizard Pancake Art – Live Edition!

Monday, January 18th 2015 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

This morning upon waking, Boy is grumpy, but wisely angling for PANCAKES.  Daddy gives him enough directives to perform some perfunctory mise en place.  During this time, Girl conducts me through getting her dressed into proper Princess regalia.  Actually, “Mom can you help me get out of my soaky diaper and put on my Cinderella shoes?”  was the precise directive.  Then she asks me to read her Terrible Lizard. “It’s a magazine,” she explains.  (Comic book, but whatever.)  By this time Daddy has undertaken to introduce PANCAKE ART to the morning operation.  (BEFORE coffee even; living dangerously.)  It was my turn to make a pancake, so while I was to be reading to my daughter, instead I make her:

Terrible Lizard Pancake

a Terrible Lizard Pancake


But lo!  Twas then the Magic happened:

Guess who

Guess who


Read Terrible Lizard

Reads to ClaraJane


to ClaraJane instead?



Nothing less than the stuff Parenting Dreams are made of.  *sigh*  Our Reading Boy, generously reading to his SISTER, of his OWN accord.

Please pinch me!


We also made other stuff, like this Silly Guy Head, and a Sword that turned out more like a Key before we used it as a Stick Body with arms.




Naturally, I have not showered, the bed is not made, the table is not yet cleared, and the kids are DEEP into a enchanting playdate with a friend.  Such is the way when you’re Livin’ the Dream.  I’m starting to think I need to find my way to getting up early (CRAZY early) some days, because otherwise man, it’s GAME OVER by the time you open your eyes.

Anyway, in honor of an MLK Day of Service, I mean no disrespect when posit that next I’m going to press the kids into the SERVICE of clearing the table, before we expand our World View a bit.   Meanwhile Daddy Love is wisely assembling his strength for the next onslaught, as I listen to children systematically deconstructing their room.

Wise Daddy

Wise Daddy

Then again, you know The Universal Law of what happens when a Grown Up sits down and looks comfortable, right?

Looking Comfortable?

Looking Comfortable?

Because I kid you not, here is what just happened exactly when I finished taking his picture:

OK, I still need to shower.  Blogging live is FUN.  Like, right now the kids are deluging the bunnies with rainbow colored popsicle sticks.   But the fact remains I still need a SHOWER.  So that is all.

The End

The End



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4 Responses to Terrible Lizard Pancake Art – Live Edition!

  1. Kathy Ziegler says:

    Looks like Gavin recovered from the flu. A fun day a head of you. Enjoy!

  2. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Did Gavin have the flu? Horrors. Didn’t hear a word about it.

  3. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Love the blog… love pancake art! And people reading to each other. And chilling out at home.

  4. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Is the Navy blue the new reading nook?

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