January 2015

The Big Underwear Social Tour

The Big Underwear Social Tour


Today I receive the 58th and final installment of the BIG UNDERWEAR SOCIAL TOUR Newsletter.  It is with joy and sadness that I do.  It’s part of a friend’s journey I have been on vicariously since long before it officially started 5 years ago, and one I intend to be on indefinitely.

I Coulda Been A Contender

Would that one could be ME up there!   (But I had babies instead.)


My dear friend Brady is so singularly unique and unusual that I always find it hard to describe him, as well my affection for him.  I am so honored to be his friend, and to have him as mine.  (This goes too for his family members and other priceless friends, acquaintances and cooky nut-job circus colleagues of ours, not least of all his also singularly unique and wonderful wife, Irmi.)

Irmi & Brady

Irmi & Brady on the Bus


Brady is so unusual in the ways he goes about ANYTHING (though he makes perfect sense to me and I have come to depend upon his being in the world),  I think it is BECAUSE he is so profoundly unconventional in expression that his message and meaning don’t always find the audience or receive the response they deserve.  But of course his uniqueness is WHY  his ways and visions are ALL THE MORE invaluable in the world.   Here he is, as Bobarino Gravittini, in frilly underwear, teetering up on a rolla bolla, balancing a wheelbarrow on his head:

Somewhere in Mexico

Somewhere in Mexico


WHO ELSE would envision and just CREATE a BUS TOUR of grassroots CIRCUS ARTSISTS from Portland, Oregon (USA) down through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica all the way to PANAMA, and BACK?  To live Life’s Grand Adventure by bringing joy to obscure little towns and clean up trash?  Just check out this photo of one of the many varied and dicey border crossings they executed:

Bus on a  SKIFF

Yes, it’s a BUS on a SKIFF


With the final newsletter,  Brady and Irmi officially conclude their “Exlporation of the relationship between friendship and money.”  As you can see by the officially tally at the end of the newsletter, such an exploration is a lose lose in the money column, but I hope what they gained is far greater.  I certainly believe what they GAVE is infinitely so.

In case you want to know more about, or BE a PART of, The Big Underwear Religion… then SURPRISE!  You already ARE.  That being said, I urge you not to miss two of the richest and most delicious minutes you will experience online today.  Just trust me and click on the documentary trailer already!

Big Underwear Social Tour Trailer [1min, 48secs]:

The B.U.S.T. is dead.  LONG LIVE B.U.S.T.

The BUST Bus

The BUST Bus

Vive B.U.S.T!


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1 Response to Long Live the BIG UNDERWEAR SOCIAL TOUR

  1. Wow, this looks like such a fun adventure! What awesome people.

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