Christmas 2014

December 25, 2014 – Pictorial Review

Amazingly this year, Christmas Day starts like this:

"Three Blonde Babes in a Bed"

“Blonde Babes in Bed”

Gavin does some reading, ClaraJane snuggling, Mom trapped under the cat.  Daddy wonders when we are going to get UP.

Finally, the Stockings:



Gavin finds a little birdie ornament in his:

The tender side of Boy

The tender side of Boy

What did Santa bring?

Legos for Him

Legos for Him

Hello Kitty for Her

Hello Kitty for Her

Forget what else is waiting from Mom & Dad, it’s PLAYTIME.

The New Lego King

Lego Boy

Hello Kitty Girl

Hello Kitty Girl

Daddy brings Mommy fortification:

Magnificent Bloody Mary ManMeat Monster

Magnificent Bloody Mary ManMeat 

Also, FOOD:

"Round One, Let's Eat" he says

“Round One, Let’s Eat” he says

(Never mind that when CJ tried to help herself, the condiments ended up on the floor.)

That's okay Baby.  You look 5, but you're only 3.

That’s okay Baby. You look 5, but you’re only 3.   (Note food on floor in background.)

Gavin explores the properties of minerals:

And a pocket microscope

And new pocket MICROSCOPE

[Note Gavin’s TOOLBOX in the foreground. NPND (‘Nother Post for a ‘Nother Day)!]

Grandma Z sent us Disney-themed T-Shirts for our upcoming trip to visit her in… (ahem)  ORLANDO.

Big Hero Six

Big Hero Six Boys

(Thank you Grandma Z!  #excited)

More playtime:

More playtime

*Together* even

Sweet dreams are made of these.

My Angels' heads.

My Angels’ heads. 

#swoon, like, #allthewayswoon

Then, more Family!

Zachary, Liz & Olivia

Zachary, Liz & Olivia

Auntie Liz, Paul & Grandpa Pops

Auntie Liz, Paul & Grandpa Pops

“Round Two” of food centered around Paul’s amazing lamb dinner, which -like any other meal- tastes best with Liz’s Potatoes.  Here is a peek into some of the Magical Chef’s preparatory scheming over the previous week:

A Culinary Magician's Potion

A Culinary Magician’s Potion

For dessert, “NOT A YULE LOG!”  Also, these confections which perform a magic trick of their own in one’s mouth:


Home-made Merengues

Finally, Flamly Game Night to the tune of “Beat the Parents.”  To wit:

PARENTS: What does CIA stand for?
ZACHARY:  Classified… Information… Association!   [Great guess!]
OLIVIA:  Classified… Asian… Italian?  No wait, Compulsive Ironic… Atlantic! 

PARENTS: Complete this sentence:  Let sleeping dogs…
OLIVIA:  Be!  Sleep?
OLIVIA:  DREAM!  [Another great answer!  This is why we need kids in our lives!]

PARENTS:  What is a kid doctor called?
OLIVIA:  PSYCHIATRIST!  [Out of the mouths of babes.]

PARENTS:  What studio made Toy Story?  Hint:  It starts with “P”
ZACHARY:  Pentacostal Tabernacle?

PARENTS: Fingernails and what other body part are made of the same substance?
GAVIN:  Toenails!  [Right!?]

SO HAPPY to have finally pulled off a GAME NIGHT!

Because "Beat the Kids" wasn't as marketable

With that, our evening comes to a close, and we end the day as it began:

Back in Bed Babes

Back in Bed Babes

Merry Christmas to All:

Our Reading Wonder Boy

And to All a Good Night





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  1. Kathy Ziegler says:

    A lovely Merry Christmas.

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