JoJo & Avila: Best Feature Film Winner!

It’s been nearly a week since our encounter with the Incredible Adventures of JoJo and his Annoying Sister Avila, and there are some wonderful updates:

First of all, the Director Brian Schmidt wrote me a lovely note of thanks for my family’s enthusiasm for the film, and the news that it WON BEST FEATURE at the Boston International Kids Film Festival!  Here’s the announcement (as an update on their KickStarter campaign) and a shot of their second daughter Autumn with the prize:

Autumn and the "Glass Oculus" Trophy

Autumn and the “Glass Oculus” Trophy

“Well we did it!!! The Incredible Adventures of Joe Joe and His Annoying Little Sister Avila, won ‘Best Feature’ at the Boston International kids film festival!this is been a long 6 years and we greatly appreciate this win!” ~JoJo and Avila Facebook Page


Secondly, they directly allayed my fears of scaring them with my “cyber-stalking.”  They even shared my first post about them on their Facebook Page.  So with no further adieu, pardon me but have you SEEN THE TRAILER?

[It’s 90 seconds]:  

The URL is

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3 Responses to JoJo & Avila: Best Feature Film Winner!

  1. MaryMargaret says:

    Congratulations to the family! Can’t wait to see the movie.

  2. MaryMargaret says:

    Maybe we should get both our families together at my house for a viewing of Jo Jo

  3. MaryMargaret says:

    Let’s plan a flamly potluck to see “Jo Jo” together at your house since you have the best viewing equipment. I’ll make lasagne for all, somebody can toss a salad, somebody else can buy disposable dishware and cutlery or bring bread/beverage — voila! low-impact pahrty. Maybe Thursday night, maybe November 20, especially since we won’t be together on Thanksgiving.

    Alternately, we can gather at my house and watch it on a laptop. I’ll have plenty of time to clean up the next day.

    I’m really eager to see the movie.

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