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Maybe wolves DON’T make the best babysitters…

Basically, I am anomalously bound by a hurt back this weekend and -amazingly- NO GIGS!  Serendipitously here comes this amazing piece of work to occupy my thoughts.  As I scratch my head wondering why and how it is the whole world doesn’t know about this Film already, I have my suspicions.  (Stay tuned.)  But in the meantime I want to document/share the results of my new avocation as Cyber-Stalker of this incredibly dedicated, Mom/Dad “Treehouse Mafia” Team.  So think, “This little piggy…”

1)  Here is the film’s website:

2) Here’s an awesome poster of the film:

Hang on to the Family You Got

Hang on to the Family You Got

3)  Here is the JoJo & Avila Film Facebook Page (click to follow)!

4) Here is “Joy and Heartbreak;” a beautiful post by Brian Shmidt’s about shooting and Indie Film, with just he and his wife alone, PLUS KIDS… and animals.

Entire Crew and Lead Actors

“Entire Crew and Lead Actors”

4) Here is their passionate yet dismally failed first KickStarter attempt from 2012 where they give away the store, and this update with lots of interesting information.

6)  Here is their first published review

From the California Premiere in San Louis Obispo ("SLO")

From the California Premiere in San Louis Obispo (“SLO”)

7)  HERE is where you CLICK TO DEMAND the film be brought to your area!

Well ARE you?

Well ARE you?

8)  Here are the trailers, 30 secs, 90secs & 2mins, respectively:

JoJo Quick 30 Second Trailer.

JoJo 90-Second Trailer.

JoJo 2-Minute Trailer.

And… MWUAH HA HA. And now that I am OFFICIALLY stalking the self-titled “Repeal Child Labor Laws” Productions, I have found MORE of their so-called “WORK.” Behold:

10)  “The Fall of Autumn
Published on May 25, 2013
Description:  We just wanted to give the stegosaurus and the t-rex a run for their money. I hear horrible things can happen when you wake a dad up from his peaceful nap. [1min, 6secs]:

11) Paddy’s Pub – Just One More for the Princess
Uploaded on Nov 8, 2010
Description:  This is our submission for the ‘It’s always sunny in Philadelphia’ paddy’s pub commercial contest. Sometimes a little princess just wants one more drink. [19secs]:

12)  JoJo’s Jump – Uploaded in Feb 2012.  Showcasing the adventurous life in the Sonora California Gold Country [38secs]:

(I also found a single animated short, but alas it’s too profane for me to post here, and something I didn’t relate to, about chickens.)

13) MOREOVER, MOST IMPORTANTLY AND BOTTOM LINE:  Here is Brian Shmidt with his kids plugging their effort to translate JoJo into several languages (including ASL/Sign Language!) with all kinds of affordable levels of support and rewards  [52 seconds]:

JoJo is King of Couch Mountain

JoJo is King of Couch Mountain

Note, this is their NEW, CURRENT KickStarter campaign, with a different strategic approach more likely to succeed this time.

14)  YO!  That is to say:  

You can get a DVD of the movie for a $25 donation, HERE!  (Kickstarter uses your Amazon account, so hopefully that is not prohitive.)  GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT IF YOU ASK ME.  (I recognize you didn’t, but still…)

Not to mention the greatest reward of knowing that kids in other languages and cultures could enjoy it too:

"Avila! You pooped your pants!"

“Avila! You pooped your pants!”

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