Kids Sleep Sacs o’ Love

For our trips this summer, I made the kids each their own travel Sleep Sac.  Half the point  was to re-purpose baby blankets for which we have no use, but with which I would not part.  (Not the hand-knitted, priceless heirloom ones from Grandma; obviously we won’t part with those.)  Gavin’s was finished first:

Cozy time.

Cozy Time

Considering he climbed right inside and made himself at home, it appears to have been a hit.  He even let his *sister* climb inside:

Snug Bugs

Snug Bugs

I then had smaller pieces to work with, so ClaraJane’s was going to take a big longer:

Beloved Scraps

Beloved Scraps

There are also leftover pieces of Birthday Superhero Cape material in here (as well as a sweater given by one who is loved more than the sweater itself).  In order for me to stay within the 100% NO COST Spirit of this project, Daddy had to get over his distaste for some of the not-so beloved scraps.  (Guess which ones he abhors?)  Besides, ClaraJane claims to LOVE them:

Well loved scraps

(Mostly) Beloved scraps

I saw the project through merely by sacrificing sleep.  (Who needs it?)  Although it was particularly satisfying to use up ALL the old thread hanging out on various bobbins, and polish off a few random old spools.  When I finally finished, it was pre-dawn with only the stuffed animals -and cat- available to model the goods:

Ready for Action

Ready for Action

The final touch was the pocket and strap for folding up and taking with (aka; instant pillows!):

Ready, Set, Go

Ready, Set, Go

As I write -from our second trip of the summer already- I can attest to their utility in both form and function.  So far they are used about anytime, anywhere, with unadulterated enthusiasm.  Imagine making something for your kids and them actually *liking* it!  From personalizing a sleeping arrangement on the road, cozying up or hiding out in the middle of anything, napping in the car, to the unspoken power of suggestion to just-go-ahead-and-sleep or just wrapping yourself up in a personalized, home-made Cloak of Mom’s Love; they’ve got it made.  Hard to describe (without sounding like bragging, evidently).

Their cousin could not comprehend; “Why would you need a sleeping bag *inside*?”  *Need* is not perhaps the point.  Completely use and utterly enjoy?   Totally.

Color me happy!

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4 Responses to Kids Sleep Sacs o’ Love

  1. Jane Ann says:

    Jen, you continue to amaze with your endless (seemingly) creative ideas and skills to produce them. Try to get some sleep, however. That is important, too. Who knows what other projects you’ll dream up! 🙂

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    Brilliant project, enhanced by its “No-Cost Factor.” Perfect fate for baby blankets.

  3. Bubble Wow says:

    Color me prescient, for giving you a sewing machine for your 30th birthday.

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